Small Claim Matters Law

Small Claim matters are all those which involve financial issues or recovery of property not exceeding $35,000.00 (not including interest or legal costs). Although Small Claims Court is a less expensive and less time consuming option than the Superior Court, it is important to understand the Rules governing procedure within the Small Claim Courts.

A few examples of mistakes made by litigants without proper representation include, forgetting that most lawsuits must be brought within two years or you may lose your ability to sue; not using the correct wording when suing a corporation, even missing out on wording such as ‘Inc.’ can lead to a judgement being overturned; not providing enough or any evidence; and not filing your responding Paperwork to a Plaintiff’s claim within the specified time frames.

Having conducted Small Claim cases up to and including trials, our firm can guide you through the process, ensure you meet time frames, and complete a proper Plaintiff’s claim, defence and/or defendant’s counter-claim. We are able to attend at Court, hold settlement talks and/or conduct a trial on your behalf. Our litigation fees are competitive; our service is thorough and we offer a free 20 minute initial consultation.